"I've been here for 2 weeks. My intention was to learn more about stocks, reading charts and just get a better overall understanding of the market. First week was played safe, doing a few small plays. Earned about $300. All my plays were I the green.This week, after feeling more confident with the group, I started doing bigger plays. Earned my first $1000+ day today. I also invested over 800 shares into XELA which was alerted by the scanner and it looks like another $1000+ day tomorrow. Can't argue with results.

I took a plunge with this group and they have gone ABOVE AND BEYOND.... to the MOON. Seriously though, insane amount of attention is given here. Great calls all the time. This team is great.

Premium members get access to loads of info here. I paid for Diamond and I already made the money back. I definitely recommend investing in membership here, especially if your a stock Noob like me.

Additionally thus team works beyond plays. They are awesome at answering questions as well. They tell you when to get in and when to get out. You literally can't ask for more lol. My recommendation. Throw down a month's membership. It speaks for itself. Happy trading yall. Best of luck. Hope to see yall part of the team."
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"This channel has increased my capabilities to overcome my fears with trading with stocks, options, and crypto. The family-like environment is evident along with multiple people knowledgeable and lethal for investments. Crimson trades LLC has pushed me to new heights and I look forward to the future with open eyes and a determination that will be fulfilled as this community of traders is a true bringer of wisdom. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this group."
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"Awesome community we have here! I’ve made over 50% last month even though I play conservatively!"
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"I have been a part of this channel for the last 2-3 weeks. It’s my 3rd week. My only motive is to get in any channel is to learn and exit it out in 2-3 months. Not saying that I will get out from here!

All the options given by the admins are useful, and they will give you the reason for it. I like the way some people read charts. Because I believe that’s the only thing you can have as a trader. It’s always true buy the rumor sell the news. Spend some time in the group, you will realize how good is it for you to grow. Just remember to learn it first don’t cram it. After a year you will realize how good is it for you. I was down 4000$ before Injoined. Now I am at 14k in the last 2 months. 5k from this group, and the rest is from what I learned. Good luck to all"
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"This server is definitely run by people who want to help others to learn how to enter/exit positions. Just following along with a few of the options mentioned here I learned enough to make comfortable moves for bigger gains. You guys are awesome and I can't thank you enough."
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"I've been part of multiple discord groups, and this group is by far the best one I have been on, free plays are fire and they take the time to respond to your questions. Keep on grinding guys. Here to stay forever!"
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"I've been in this server for 2 months now I believe and when I first started trading here it was with options and I never really knew what it was since before I joined the group I only traded shares and held for long term gains but it would be nowhere near the return that I would get from options trading.

I never traded options before in my life before joining this server and I've learned almost everything about it and I feel like I have a good understanding now, also with the help of some technical analysis I'm able to make them on my own now and feel confident in taking plays.

Initially, I was down red when first joining the server and as I got more confident and learned more things about options trading I started to take bigger plays and realized that I'm never going to grow unless I make some changes, and with that one trade from $BABA I was able to do just that, and fully recovered my losses from initially joining and now I am back in the green.

Hopefully, from here we can continue to see growth, and hopefully, I can grow my portfolio at least 20-25% more this year! I've learned a lot of things here and it's been a huge roller coaster but I'm getting there. I've also started to gain the confidence to make plays on my own with the information that I learned from this server so we'll see how that goes! Wishing all of us the best hope we can all end up in the green by the end of the year"
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"I’ve been here for a few months as well and have been trying to stay active as much as I can. I’ve learned a lot since I’ve been here especially with the market terminology and I still have a lot more to learn and am looking forward to getting into premium finally and making some plays to put some money back for the following months to come. I’d like to get to a point where I can make 20 a day, 40 a day, even 100 a day so I can start making some extra revenue to put towards other streams of income to become financially free. Let’s get this bread!"
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